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Zhang of the mouth can feel it, how to explain? I did told him I thought it was the eighth son sent? Only then he closed his mouth. He looked back to see me, stopped, and so I arrived, with a smile: "birthday, which is the fight where would you?" I smile, not greeting, but asked: "? You this is going to die. Wherever you go, you will be happy., to follow their own doing. "This is to let Li Wei do Mahone difference from the northwest brought back I see that there is no better, and simply will not give up, which is also considered me a copy of it! "I looked a Si Age, I say thank you, may Zhang of the mouth, but no sound, his head down. But this time, even if I am not a heart attack, but also a fatal blow. Nike NFL Jerseys supply " Wang Zhe is still smiling.

He with a chuckle: "You and thirteen brother is indeed expansive!" I said:. Nike NFL Jerseys China Grateful princes have stepped forward to Kangxi Jing wine, say auspicious words." I heard, got busy washing clothes, rue is also the side to help serve. Shen Hao Xi wrinkle up eyebrows, looked at me, "will not be they don't know, you yourself secretly come with?!" I smiled awkwardly and nodded. The rain pouted, saying, I have no interest in these. I listen to the most natural music, micro squint eyes staring at the Sun Jin cancan leaves, in the brain could continually thinking about the fried egg, mouth can not help but escape silk wry smile, alas! Really spoil the fun, but such a dinner! But the stomach is really hungry! The elegant atmosphere really is satiate wear warm dry after things. I'll ask him, pointing to the sun 'really overtake braggadocio sun it? 'And then he said, a clear insisted there is no, he said yes, I say no, he said no, I said yes, took his eloquent tirade, I took part in the debate on that point capable of full competition took out; or looking at the moon, begged his back all to listen to poems about the moon, he recited softly in my ear one song after another, sometimes stumbled and fell asleep, he would gently hold my horse, I nest in his arms, slowly rode while back; when you see the stars, they find Cowboy Vega, he said he found that, I think I've found is that I always have to wait pouted ignore him when he laughed, clutch I said, 'You are my son! ', Can not help but think pout mouth showing a smile.